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LRES has been purchasing, selling, and administrating real estate investments for its clients since 1994. These investments include all of the major property types in a variety of southern markets. Serving as an intermediary between buyers and sellers of investment properties, as well as a direct investor through investment partnerships, the company seeks to produce the maximum return for its clients. We have a thorough understanding of portfolio management and strategic financial analysis. Clients include local and regional individuals and institutions.

LRES' professional real estate accomplishments include sourcing, underwriting, managing and closing more than 40 investment property acquisitions and developments totaling in excess of $320 million with individual deal sizes ranging between $2 million and $66 million.

The relationship to our clients and the brokerage community helps facilitate the acquisition and sale of properties. LRES has become one of the most accepted and competent investment groups in markets that we participate. This full service firm is capable of coordinating the acquisition, marketing, and management of properties in a way that enhances each asset's value.

We have the capability to handle all aspects of property acquisition for our clients. The firm aids an investor in accurately making an investment decision, to analyze a property's physical and economic aspects. This analysis is accomplished by strict criteria in selecting a potential investment, thorough on-site inspections of the physical property, computer analysis of the economics of the investment, and analysis of the location utilizing the company's thorough knowledge of the market. Coordination of the due diligence process is an integral part of all acquisitions made by LRES. Services include the review of lease documents, coordination of structural, roof, hazardous materials and other appropriate physical inspections, negotiation, investment analysis, as well as, the coordination of closing with the buyer's and seller's counsel.

The Company's approach to the sale of investment real estate uses the same resources that are utilized in the acquisition process. The ability to analyze investment properties, create detailed sales information, and market properties through a nationwide network of investors and real estate brokerage firms allows LRES to market their clients' property successfully.

LRES has been responsible for real estate investments from $100,000 to $66.0 million.

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